Budgeting out for tic-tacs and gasoline
Standin' in line and thumbing through magazines
I can still hear the echo of my daddy's words
A penny saved is one less penny to worry about- yeah less to worry about
A penny saved is one less penny to worry about

I pull and pull just as far as I can get
Then slowly backslide just like a magnet

Magnet, I let, you push and pull
Magnet, I bet, you'll slow this roll

Hang my clothes out on the bus for all to see
No more money for the laundry machine
Secretly people love to hear and see
Air out my mistakes and my dirty laundry
Dirty laundry- I'm headed home so this advice comes for free
I'm airing out my dirty laundry
These are the things that have been roadblocks to me

(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

Magnet. Regret. But you're so safe and sound.
Magnet. I Bet, you bring me down
Magnet. I let, you keep me stuck in this part of town
You keep me stuck on this hunk of ground